External Affairs

Whether it is through charitable giving or through meeting your elected officials, Alan Byrd & Associates brings your message to those who need to hear it. We’ll work to ensure your message is being heard where it matters.

Most companies give to non-profits without looking at the business implications of their donations. They become involved in the chamber without a game plan for making it work. A year later, when the ask or renewal comes, they either write another check or give up, saying “I didn’t get anything out of it.”

Alan Byrd & Associates is here to help organizations weave through the daily asks for sponsorships, donations and memberships, finding the organizations you want to support and creating a plan to make sure you AND the organization benefit.

Community Affairs Services

When you hire Alan Byrd & Associates, you get the following services: 

  • A comprehensive review of your community affairs
  • A strategic plan on what organizations best fit your group
  • A plan on your involvement in the organization
  • Introductions to key members in the organization to develop board placement
  • Initial reviews of all charitable donation requests
  • A review of members of the organization for key sales targets
  • Client specific tasks


  • Never become involved with an organization without wanting to be its volunteer chairman.
  • Count the number of potential customers on the board.
  • Set about a plan to grow in the organization before you start.
  • Find something you love and care about and work hard to make a difference – not just make money. Your rewards will come!

In many situations, businesses need to meet and discuss their issues with government officials. Alan Byrd & Associates has the access businesses need in local and state politics.

Government Affairs Services

By hiring Alan Byrd & Associates for Government Affairs, you get the following services:

  • A review of all campaign contributions
  • An initial review of any campaign contribution requests
  • A plan on who and if any elected officials need to be consulted
  • Introductions to any key politicians in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties
  • Introductions to key politicians in Tallahassee
  • Client specific needs


  • A well-written personal e-mail or letter from a constituent works better than a 1,000 mass e-mails or phone calls.
  • Understand a politician can’t help you on every issue.
  • Walking a neighborhood for a candidate often means more than writing a check.
  • Research the governmental process before meeting with your representative or commissioner.