About Us

For the past 20 years, Alan Byrd has worked to become an expert in grass roots marketing, public relations, community relations and sales. Whether it's been covering the top businesses in Central Florida as a reporter, setting sales records as director of circulation or working with non-profit organizations to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations, Alan Byrd has the skills to grow businesses in the Central Florida market. 

Award-winning reporter

Alan Byrd started his newspaper career at Valencia Community College, where he was named the editor of the student newspaper. While a student at the University of Central Florida, he was the news editor for the student newspaper. His career really took off when he was named an intern at Orlando Business Journal, Central Florida's leading business publication.

After graduating, Alan was hired full time by Orlando Business Journal and covered tourism, transportation and sports business - one of the first reporters in the country to cover the business side of sports. These beats gave Alan a unique perspective of a wide variety of industries and businesses. His "Tourism World" column on page 3 of OBJ was one of the best-read sections of the paper.

During the next nine years, Alan won dozens of local, state, regional and national awards for his stories. In 1998, his reporting of the Moscow Circus was named as the best business story in the United States by the Society of Business Editors and Writers.

Award-winning marketing

In 2001, Alan left the comfort of reporting to try a new adventure - sales and marketing. As director of marketing for Orlando Business Journal, Alan oversaw the newspaper's events and its growth in circulation. Of 41 newspapers in the American City Business Journal's chain, OBJ was one of only a couple of newspapers to exceed its sales goals every year. In 2004, the company gave Alan its highest honor, an Eagle Award for Circulation excellence.

During this time, Alan led the foundation of Orlando Business Journal's Executive Advisory Board Exchange. This group helped mid-level businesses create a volunteer advisory board to help their companies grow. Alan moderated the meetings of every board meeting giving him even more of an education on all facets of business.

Sales, Marketing and Public Relations

In 2006, one of Alan's good friends, Michael Waldrop, was called to duty by his country. At the time, Alan and Michael were studying "The Purpose Driven Life" and God put it into Alan's heart to join McCree to handle all sales, marketing & public relations. At McCree, Alan was responsible for a complete redesign of the company's Website and all marketing collateral.

In The Community

Since leaving reporting, Alan Byrd has been in a leadership position in more than a dozen community boards. Some of his biggest accomplishments are his fundraising for charities. In 2005, he started an annual deep sea fishing trip, which raised nearly $12,000 to be used for a Women and Children's shelter for the Salvation Army and $16,000 for the Valencia Community College Foundation. He also chaired the Coastal Conservation Association's annual Orlando banquet, which net nearly $95,000 to help preserve marine resources throughout the state. His band, Barefoot Underground, has held several benefit concerts for Cystic Fibrosis, raising $5,000 for the charity.

Featured Author

 In 2004, Alan Byrd authored his first book, Florida Spring Training, Your Guide to the Grapefruit League. The nationally published book features travel tips and fan-friendly details of every Spring Training facility in Florida. The book was featured in many major magazines and newspapers, including Money, Newsweek, USAirways Attache, the Boston Globe and the Houston Chronicle. In addition, Alan Byrd provided dozens of radio and television interviews in the United States and Canada.

Featured Speaker

Throughout his career, Alan Byrd has been a sought-after speaker talking on a multitude of subjects to groups small and large. His subject matter has included subjects as diverse as baseball and fishing regulations to how to use the media for sales and how to maximize your community relations to grow your bottom line.